The H1 axial piston variable displacement pumps are of cradle swashplate design and are intended for closed circuit applications. Flow direction is reversed by tilting the swashplate to the opposite side of the neutral (zero displacement) position. The flow rate is proportional to the pump input speed and displacement. The latter is infinitely adjustable between zero and maximum displacement. The H1 family of closed circuit variable displacement axial piston pumps is designed for use with all existing Danfoss hydraulic motors for the control and transfer of hydraulic power. H1 pumps can be used together in combination with other Danfoss pumps and motors in the overall hydraulic system.

Danfoss hydrostatic products are designed with 14 different displacements (cm3 [in3]):
045 053 060 068 069 078 089 100 115 130 147 165 210 250
Danfoss hydrostatic products are designed with many different pressure, load-life and control capabilities:

  • ‒ Electric displacement control (EDC)
  • ‒ Forward-Neutral-Reverse control (FNR)
  • ‒ Non Feedback Proportional Electric control (NFPE)
  • ‒ Automotive Control (AC)
  • ‒ Fan Drive Control (FDC)
  • ‒ Manual displacement control (MDC)
  • ‒ Control-Cut-Off valve (CCO)

Series H1P.

H1P45, H1P53, H1P60, H1P68, H1P69, H1P78, H1P89, H1P100, H1P115, H1P130, H1P147, H1P165, H1P210, H1P250, H1P280.