PLUS+1® remote controls

Our PLUS+1® remote controls represent the latest technology of human-machine interface. Through radio technology, the operator is kept at a safe distance while also improving productivity. Our user friendly programming tools and plug and play systems ensure a fast customization and commissioning.
Our remote controls are robust, ergonomic and safe.

Product range

The transmitter is the user interface which controls the machine. Danfoss provides you with the latest technology through its handheld and console box transmitters. Our transmitters adapt to multiple applications such as mobile hydraulics, industrial overhead cranes and explosive environments.

The receiver is the element that is hard-wired to the machine, receiving the information from the transmitter and outputting control signals. Our receiver portfolio adapts to various machinery and environments.

PLUS+1® remote control transmitters

In a radio remote control system the transmitter is the user interface to control the machine. We offer a wide range of transmitter models to adapt to every situation. 
Our transmitters are designed with advanced ergonomics and robustness to minimize machine downtime and operator fatigue. 

Product range

Ikontrol family
Ikontrol family transmitters part of PLUS+1® remote controls, have robust design and high impact resistance. Innovative ergonomics help the operator work more comfortably.

New handheld transmitters
A new generation of handheld transmitters family. We have designed them taking into account the market demands and the needs of our clients.

T70 explosion proof family
The T70 series allows users to operate in even difficult environments. At the same time is there a great focus on safety within this series.

TM70 handheld transmitters
Our TM70 handheld transmitters are robust, designed for industrial applications. These have been successful products for many years and we will keep supplying them as the new handhelds are being introduced to the market.

High functional receivers

Flexible, powerful and functional remote control receivers. In a radio remote control system, the receiver is the element that is hard-wired to the machine, receiving the transmitter´s information and outputting control signals.

Product range

R family
This range of remote control receivers work with relay technology and is usually used in industrial environments. With possible expansions they can also incorporate analogue and CAN signals creating a tailored solution for each application.

MP family
This range of receivers is specially designed for mobile applications. These robust and compact systems can control machinery through several type of signals (Digital, Proportional, CAN).

R explosion proof family
Our R explosion proof family range of receivers are made for hazardous areas. This is why it is crucial for them to keep high security standards.