Aluminum and Cast Iron gear pumps

Our gear pumps are robust and reliable. They are the ideal choice for a wide range of applications – from small to medium and large off-highway vehicles, as well as for industrial applications.

  • Pressure-balanced design, ensuring sealing pressure, adapts automatically to operating conditions for improved overall efficiency and minimum energy losses .
  • Minimized internal friction and perfectly fitting housing for an extended operating life .
  • Modular and short versions of multi-stage units for high flexibility and compactness .
  • TeflonĀ® coated bushings for extended life under extreme temperature and pressure conditions .
  • A variety of integrated valve options
  • One piece gear shaft construction .

In aluminium, We have Group 0 with 0.25 to 1.3 CC pumps, Group 1 SNP1 with 1.2 to 12 CC, Group 2 SNP2 with 4 to 25 CC, Shhark Group 2 Pumps, low noise with 6 to 28 CC, Group 3 SNP3 with 22 to 90 CC, Group 4 with TAP4 with 60 to 200 CC pumps.
In Cast Iron we have high pressure of 276 bar and size in D series from 7 to 45 CC and XD series from 34 to 90 CC.