Series D1 pump is a high performance variable axial piston pump, it is designed primarily for open circuit hydraulic systems used in heavy duty mobile applications.

  • Displacement: 130 cm3 [7.93 in3]; 145 cm3 [8.85 in3]; 193 cm3 [11.78 in3] 260 cm3 [15.87 in3].
  • Maximum working pressure: 350 bar [5076psi], peak pressure (intermittent): 400 bar [5802psi].
  • Speed up to 2,500 rpm.
  • Variety of control options: Power control, Pressure compensated control, Electric proportional displacement control, Load sensing control

Features and Benefits

  • Robust design for harsh conditions.
  • Swashplate, servo-controlled design, with proven reliability and performance.
  • Angled piston bore design improves self-priming capability.
  • The spherical valve plate and cylinder block interface provide stable cylinder block rotation, thus achieving high efficiency.
  • Full through-drive capability is suitable for adding axial piston pumps and gear pumps.
  • PLUS+1R compliant controls.
  • Can be used together in combination with other Danfoss Power Solutions products [Pumps (Like: S45, S90, H1P, gear pumps…) , PVG valves, and motors (Like: S90, H1B…)] in the overall hydraulic system

Pumps in Series D1P are
D1P130, D1P145, D1P193, D1P260